project leader:  Larissa Leverenz
exhibition: Dr. Renèe Gadsden,
curated by. Kirsten Borchert & Larissa Leverenz

It is boredom that brings despair, boredom that we are trying to escape from every single day, is it not? Doesn’t it take an enormous amount of - seemingly compulsive - discipline to overcome this boredom?

And is it not ultimately the lingering in this boredom, the perseverence that leads us to a crucial experience, to a „Magic Moment“?

In his performance „I will not make anymore boring art“ John Baldessari actively addressed the phenomenon of boredom and had this sentence written on the gallery’s walls again and again. We juxtapose the participative experience of the spectators of Baldessari’s performance with Beckett’s protagonist Malone from „Malone Dies“. There, the experience of the reader is limited solely to Malone’s imaginations, which entangle us in a passive endless loop of his thoughts.

Both artists, Baldessari and Beckett, embrace an element of compulsiveness – but they seem to have chosen this approach consciously. The repetitive writing of the same sentence over and over again as well as the circular motions of Malone’s soliloquies take us down into the world of the unconscious.

Beckett and Baldessari both dare the experiment, they seduce themselves, and we, the spectators, are the silent observers of these scenes.

But it is precisely this passive voyeurism that raises a number of questions.
The artists in our exhibition are playing with different approaches, all encouraging us to question our imagination. The works on display have one thing in common, an element of irony, which interrupts the steady process and provides space for reflection. Thus the video „Trial“ by Peter Hoiß, in which different roles are all acted out by one and the same person, presents us with an ironic line of thoughts with regard to how our own ego behaves in a group setting.
Or take the nicely and neatly dissected model house by Kirsten Borchet, which evokes the idea of family and origin and questions the concept of home in a smiling way.

Experiencing the „Magic Moment“ might be one of the strongest feelings there is. It is reminiscent of the orgiastic work of Georges Bataille („Story of the Eye“, „Madame Edwarda“, etc.), who literally exploits this condition, which he names „little death“. You could, however, also describe this moment in a very poetic way as Lou Reed does in one of his most famous songs:

Sweeter than wine
Softer than a summer's night
Everything I want, I have
Whenever I hold you tight
This magic moment

Text for the catalogue of the exhibition
Tempted To Doubt
© Larissa Leverenz & Kirsten Borchert

Sala Terrena|Exhibition center of the University of Applied Arts Vienna
Heiligenkreutzerhof, 1010 Vienna, Austria


weitere Texte:
Text for the catalogue of the exhibition
Tempted To Doubt
© Text: Mag. Dr. Renée Gadsden, 2012

Tempted To Doubt, (Eng.)
translated by Philippa Stockert

Enola Gay
Ruhrbiennale 2012
© Larissa Leverent & Kirsten Borchert

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