Larissa Leverenz transports the viewers to a world of surreal, strange beauty. What is particularly intriguing is the technique she uses: she paints and draws, prints and collages on thin wooden boards whose natural grain provides the backdrop to the images. Sometimes she carves into the boards or expands them into three-dimensional installations. We felt her work testified to an extraordinary pictorial language which we had not seen in that form before and which skilfully interweaves very different artistic techniques. The way Leverenz arranges the figures that inhabit this multi-perspectival and hard-to-pin-down pictorial space reminds one of the dramaturgical processes of a stage production. The artist is production manager and director at once, but what she stages here are not stories, only individual scenes and fragments. In her work we encounter flying people who perform daring acrobatic feats and may well lose their heads in the process, spooky creatures and strange objects, enigmatic wall constructions and outlandish machinery. What she was trying to achieve with her work with its tragicomic twist was “to convey an idea of the origin and essence of our self”, says Leverenz. From a safe distance but with great deal of empathy she handles her protagonists - precisely composed and yet of tremendous lightness, serious and yet radiating an irresistible sense of humour.

© Text: Günther Oberhollenzer, 2014

Die Zukunft der Malerei - Eine perspektive
Essl Museum, 2014/15

Text: Günther Oberhollenzer
german version


weitere Texte:
Tempted To Doubt, Sala Terrena 2012
© Larissa Leverent & Kirsten Borchert

Tempted To Doubt, (Eng.)
© translated by Philippa Stockert

Enola Gay
Ruhrbiennale 2012
© Larissa Leverent & Kirsten Borchert

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